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Sandblasting Equipments

Copper Slag Grit


Copper Slag Grit is a blast cleaning sand made from granular slag obtained from metal melting processes. (Also called iron silicate). Copper slag sand is an abrasive produced from the Bessemer process granular slag grain. Copper slag has angular grains with irregular sharp edges, of which isometric and pointed protruding grains are the most prominent. Copper slag sands are used outdoors and non-automatic basic blasting rooms. Our company's expert technical team will be happy to assist you.

Applica on Areas;

Copper Scraper Grit is suitable for blasting steel and stone / concrete surfaces, cleaning mill residue, rust, old paint, dirt and similar surfaces cleaning. It provides SA-3, SA-2112 and SA-2 surface sandblasting standards. Copper blast grit is used for cleaning surfaces made of steel, removing paint coatings, rust and residue. Widely used in the restoration of thin and thick steel structures, heavily painted or worn steel bridges, ship hulls, steel and concrete production platforms, oilfield installations, pipelines, and all offshore and marine applications.

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