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Your Modern Commercial Partner in the Sandblasting, Waterjet Cutting and Painting Equipment Industry

1.Sandblasting Surface Cleaning Abrasives - Turbine, Pressure, Vacuum Machine and Machine Spare Parts - Personal Protective Equipment;

• High Carbon Steel Grits,
• High Carbon Steel Shots,
• Stainless Steel Shots,
• BFA Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide Sand,
• White Fused Aluminum Oxide Sand,
• Pink Aluminum Oxide Sand,
• Australia & İndia Garnet Sand ( Waterjet Cutting and Blasting),
• Glass Beads,
• Glass Grits Sand,
• Tetrabor Boron Carbide Blasting Nozzles ( T Type, Venturi, Double Venturi, 45 ° Angled, Wet blasting nozzles, Waterjet Cutting Nozzles,..etc.)
• Sandblasting Nozzle Holders,
• Sandblasting Guns ( Automatic Machine & Cabinet Type, Manual Sandblasting Guns)
• Sandblasting Machines,
• Internal Pipe Blasting Equipment and Spare Parts,
• Sandblasting Masks,
• Sandblasting Overalls,
• Sandblasting Helmet,
• Sandblasting Hose,
• Sandblasting Gloves,
• Surface Roughness Measurement Device,

and the production and supply of similar machinery and spare parts.

2.Air and Airless Paint Equipment and Spare Parts;

• Automatic and Manual Paint Spray Guns,
• Automatic and Manual Paint Spray Gun Spare Parts,
• Automatic and Manual Mixer Paint Tanks,
• Paint Process application auxiliary equipment (mask, hose, manometer, conditioner, filter, .. etc.).
• Airless Paint Spray Guns,
• Airless Paint Spray Gun Spare Parts,
• Airless Paint Pumps,
• İnternal Pipe Painting Equipment and Spare Parts,
• Paint and Coating Thickness Measurement Devices,

and the production and supply of similar machinery and spare parts.

3.Industrial Raw Materials;

• Andalusite
• Florite Fluoraspar CaF2

We are pleased to assist our customers in the production and supply of the raw materials, machinery and equipment described above with our experienced personnel in their own fields, which we employ at home and abroad.


We Adopt Innovative and Solution-Oriented Principles